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Latest weather

Place name Flight conditions Local time
Chicago O'Hare Intl (12.3 mi. W)
broken clouds 41°F   12 mph
VMC 12:45 PM CST
(11:51 AM)
Ronald Reagan Washington National (598.2 mi. ESE)
overcast 41°F   13 mph
light rain, mist
1:45 PM EST
(1:27 PM)
New York
Central Park (713.7 mi. E)
43°F     1:45 PM EST
(12:51 PM)
San Francisco
San Francisco International (1853 mi. W)
overcast 47°F   calm   VMC 10:45 AM PST
(9:56 AM)
Heathrow (3931.3 mi. NE)
overcast 55°F   22 mph
light rain
6:45 PM GMT
(6:20 PM)
Kiev, Ukraine
Boryspil (5059.6 mi. NE)
overcast 37°F   18 mph
light rain
8:45 PM EET
(8:30 PM)
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Santacruz Apt (8032.3 mi. NNE)
84°F   calm   IMC
12:15 AM IST
(11:30 PM)

Warmest places in the world

Place name Flight conditions Local time
Teresina, Brazil scattered clouds 104°F VMC 4:45 PM BRST
Petrolina Aeropor-To, Brazil Sky clear 100°F VMC 4:45 PM BRST
Bom Jesus Da Lapa, Brazil few clouds 99°F VMC 4:45 PM BRST

Weather extremes

Coldest places in the world

Place name Flight conditions Local time
Eureka, Nunavut Sky clear -38°F VMC 12:45 PM CST
Resolute, N.T. Sky clear -36°F VMC ice crystals 12:45 PM CST
Pelly Bay 1, Nunavut -31°F   12:45 PM CST

Weather extremes

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