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Historical reports

Sdr Stroemfjord, Greenland

Monday, November 29, 2021

Observation time Present weather
Monday, November 29, 2021 12:50 AM AST (UTC-04:00)
4:50 PM overcast 34°F 3 mph NE   light rain (Wind chill: 31°F)
3:50 PM overcast 36°F 9 mph ENE   RASN (Wind chill: 29°F)
2:50 PM overcast 34°F 9 mph ENE   light rain showers (Wind chill: 26°F)
1:50 PM overcast 34°F 8 mph NE   light rain showers (Wind chill: 27°F)
12:50 PM overcast 36°F 8 mph ENE   drizzle (Wind chill: 29°F)
11:50 AM overcast 37°F 8 mph NW   light rain (Wind chill: 31°F)
10:50 AM broken clouds 36°F 8 mph W   light rain showers (Wind chill: 29°F)
9:50 AM overcast 36°F 9 mph ENE   (Wind chill: 29°F)
8:50 AM broken clouds 32°F 8 mph ENE   (Wind chill: 25°F)
7:50 AM broken clouds 34°F 10 mph NE   (Wind chill: 26°F)
6:50 AM 34°F 15 mph E   (Wind chill: 24°F)
5:50 AM few clouds 32°F 10 mph ENE   (Wind chill: 24°F)
4:50 AM few clouds 34°F 7 mph ENE   (Wind chill: 28°F)
3:50 AM broken clouds 32°F 8 mph ENE   (Wind chill: 25°F)
2:50 AM few clouds 30°F 9 mph W   (Wind chill: 22°F)
1:50 AM broken clouds 30°F 3 mph vrb   (Wind chill: 27°F)
12:50 AM broken clouds 28°F 3 mph vrb   (Wind chill: 25°F)


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